Thursday, 23 November 2017

How to Register for a Free Account on GHfind Classifieds

GHfind Classifieds (GHC) is a site designed specifically to cater to Ghanaian markets where interested users can post their own advertisements (classifieds) for free, but if they are doing so for the first time then an account has to be created.  Creating an account on GHC is quick and easy, and here I will go through the three steps needed to complete the process:

1 - Go to the GHC homepage and click "Register" ("Register for a free account" on the mobile version).

2 - Enter your name, email address and password (make sure the two match) and click "Create".

3 - Login to your email, open the message sent to you by GHfind Classifieds and click the validation link.  This will redirect you back to the GHC homepage, where you account has now been validated.  You're all set!

In the future I may implement Captcha or some other type of anti-spam technology to keep fake email addresses from registering on the site, but for now I'll just fight that manually, because again I want registration to be quick and easy in consideration of people who may have slow internet connections or who may not be familiar with software like Captcha.

In the next article I'll go through how to actually post an advertisement on GHfind Classifieds.

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