Tuesday, 27 March 2018

GHfind Now Taking Donations

Female merchants @ Makola Market, the central market in Accra.  Farmers and market women like these are the basis of the Ghanaian economy.
I've gone ahead and changed the status of GHfind to a non-profit organization primarily because I'm not making any money from it yet still feel compelled to continue with the project in confidence that in the long run it will financially benefit not only myself but the entirety of Ghana.  In other words GHfind is currently my primary means of giving back to the Motherland, and I still believe when it blows up it'll be one of the most heavily-utilized business tools in the Republic.

The main goal of GHfind is to compile an online, searchable database that contains contact information on EVERY BUSINESS IN GHANA.  Gathering and compartmentalizing this data takes a lot of effort, especially considering that most Ghanaian businesses do not have an online presence, which is why business owners and other concerns citizens are encouraged to submit their own information by way of the online form on our website, via email (phonebook@ghfind.com) or even through Whatsapp (050-537-0677) - whichever means proves most convenient for you.  For one man or even an organized group of people to collect info on every business in Ghana is unrealistic unless the general populace gets involved and submit their own information, like we do for say Facebook, and of course having your business information entered into the GHfind database is absolutely free.

In terms of income generation I introduced two components - website design and premium advertising - to GHfind.  I have yet to get a website contract directly through GHfind and as such am about to eliminate that component from the project altogether, but as for premium advertising, i.e. via Facebook, a blog post (article) or being highlighted on our website, that's a feature that I'll keep around under the belief that once the site becomes popular it will be a heavily-patronized service.  But as for now premium-advertising clients are few and far between, and as such this project can't rely on them as a source of consistent revenue to perpetuate operations.

Thus, like any good non-profit, GHfind is now taking donations.  Keep in mind that this initiative is designed to benefit all Ghanaian businesses (as well as foreign entities catering to Ghanaian markets) via global, national and even local networking, and as such all affected parties are encouraged to donate to the extent they feel compelled to do so, as no donation is too small or for that matter too large.  For now we're only taking donations via MTN Mobile Money, with the phone number being 054-769-4322, and the name on the account being my own, MALCOLM AARON WHETSTONE.  Parties from outside Ghana, if in possession of a valid credit or debit card, can also donate money into this mobile account using WorldRemit.


If GHfind fails to be self-sustainable, either through premium advertising revenues or more specifically donations, then the project will have to be terminated as not only is lack of resources negatively affecting the expeditious compilation of the database, but also it's ultimately illogical to keep pumping time, energy and resources - even if in the name of the people - into a project that's not bringing any return.

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