Saturday, 17 March 2018

The Demise of GHfind Billboard

GHfind Billboard was a short-lived initiative whereas I sought a more prominent, individualized way to promote businesses in Ghana that is more multimedia-based than GHfind Phonebook since the latter is search-first and by and large doesn't incorporate any multimedia but is mainly composed of text.  Of course the first option was to use Facebook - GHfind as a billboard, but up until recently I've been having issues as in most of the URLs I posted seemed unable to extract images from their respective websites, which was imperative in making the posts more attractive.   Now I figured out how to rectify that problem, by simply adding a forward slash to the end of the URL, and since website addresses look better without the last slash once Facebook picks the images then I go back and remove it, but the images will still remain.

GHfind Billboard was implemented partially based on an ideology of handcrafting ads, a very-uncommon practice in the age of robots, and in that regard I may work on it again in the future as a premium-advertising option.


As of now I'm not generating income from this venture, even though a lot of work, time and energy goes into it.  In other words I'm basically advertising everyone for free.  As such in the near future I'm leaning toward converting GHfind into a business-advocacy, nonprofit, non-governmental organization.  The overall goal of this project is to get every single Ghanaian business - both large and small - into an online searchable database, as I'm confident having such a service will help us all in terms of networking and income generation, and as such I have to put this organization in the position to receive donations rather than only relying on clients looking for website design or premium-advertising services.

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