Thursday, 19 April 2018

(Most) Government Ministries Added to GHfind Database

I came across an online list of all of the ministries (departments) under the Government of Ghana via the Government's own official website and am proud to announce that I've added the contact information of most of them to the GHfind Phonebook database.  The reason that I was not yet able to get all is because only about 60% were hyperlinked to their ministries' respective website, and then even out of those a couple of the links weren't working.  I'll probably have to do more in-depth research, like going down to Ministries (Accra) myself, to get contact information on all of the departments, but until them I'm appreciative that the Phonebook at least contains information on most of them since the Government is of course a very-important institution, and in the near future I'll focus more on including other essential services - such as hospitals, fire departments and police stations - in the database.

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