Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Ras Bobo's Artworks

Ras Bobo @ his new shop @ Ko-Sa Beach Resort in Elmina
GHfind is currently teaming up with Ras Bobo Anuah from the University of Cape Coast to feature and sell some of his original African artwork online to an international audience.

All paintings and carvings shown cost only $25.00USD.  Shipping is an additional charge, and we're currently researching to find out how much each item costs to send overseas though according to my calculations sending a painting over regular post to the States or Europe shouldn't cost more than $10, and as for the carvings I don't think they weigh even 1kilo.

The surface of the paintings are canvas, meaning they can easily be rolled up like a scroll and sent safely and affordably over regular mail.  The names of the pieces are simple but the artwork exquisite:
Black & White Mask by Ras Bobo
Carrying a Pot by Ras Bobo
Carrying Firewood by Ras Bobo
Culture Dancers by Ras Bobo
Efutu Village by Ras Bobo
Here are some of the carvings, paintings done over the carved-wooden shape of the African continent.  What I really like about them is that they even feature Madagascar:

Contact me for more information via email address or telephone number +233-54-769-4322, and pieces can also be sent intranationally to Ghanaian residents.  Each piece is a one-and-only original, so if you see something you like give make sure to give me a shoutout ASAP.  Money can be sent preferably using PayPal, a credit or debit card via WorldRemit.

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