Tuesday, 19 June 2018


SoundHypeGH is a blog founded by Ceasar da Sniper, a music promoter from Somanya in the Eastern Region.  I was working on the site a few months ago, stopped but have now resumed since the beginning of this month.  Ceasar has moved on to start a new site called CeasarPromo, so now I have basically unfettered control over SoundHype, a blog whose primary purpose is to promote Ghanaian music artists.

Previously the site focused mostly on musicians from Kroboland, but I'm trying to spread the net more over the whole Ghana and indeed internationally hoping to feature artists, like my homeys Espresso Blaque, from Stateside soon.  My main goal as of right now is to be able to feature a new post daily in order to build-up regular viewership and expand the featured artists' chances of going viral and finding better recording deals, and my secondary goal is to get the logo redesigned since I don't have access to the original file.

So on that note for those of you that are interested in contemporary Ghanaian music I recommend you stay tuned to SoundHype, and any artists who want to be featured, from Ghana or abroad, should give me a shoutout on telephone number +233-54-769-4322 or email address ghfind@ghfone.com.

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