Sunday, 15 July 2018

New Site: Ken Divine Productions

The cover to What Is She to You? (WISTY), Ken Divine's first photonovel and the prelude to the Vixens series.
KDP Photonovels ( is a website I'm currently designing for my brother Ken Divine based in Brooklyn, New York.  The site will feature "photonovels", which he defines as "a graphic novel that uses actors and models to portray characters in photographs rather than illustrations."  In other words they're like comic books but instead of drawings feature pictures of real-life people, and accordingly the content is more true-to-life.

The cover for part one of Vixens (2015), a series that features five main parts and an epilogue.
Although the site is still under construction I've uploaded a couple of books that are now available for purchase, including the entire WISTY novel (370 pages) and the first issue of VixensWISTY, which will be the most-expensive book on the site, currently sells for just $19.99, and the price of the Vixens' books range from $4.99 for a regular version to $7.49 for an extended, unedited edition.  The only payment method currently accepted is PayPal, and once a book is purchased a password will be issued that would allow you to view it either online in slideshow form or offline as a PDF.

While perusing the site you may notice that the books feature mature content, as made evident by some of the excerpts, and the full versions of the books, particularly the extended/unedited versions, feature nudity and sexual content.  These books are kinda like your favorite cable television show, conveniently condensed into book form, and the content isn't hardcore though again is 18+.
KDP's photonovels feature adult content, though for what it's worth stuff much milder than what you can easily find on the internet these days.
Check out WISTY and the first issue of Vixens and stay tuned to KDP Photonovels as I upload the rest of the Vixens as well as the GWCs & Wannabes series.  Depending on the success of this venture Ken will release more titles and diversified content, so look for big thnigs from Ken Divine Productions in the future!

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  1. The models and actors were outstanding in these productions. A lot of hard work and time went into producing this unique style of storytelling in graphic novel form. The stories are dramatic, relatable and provocative. I am proud to have been able to bring these wonderful productions to you.