Rescuers Solutions GH

I originally designed RESCUERS SOLUTIONS GH's website about six months ago but recently decided to modernize its appearance by redesigning it using WordPress, so it's currently under renovation. For now, since I don't have much data to deal with, I've decided to make it just one long page with anchor links, but as the organization inevitably sends me more info the site will expand. I also designed the logo myself but will delegate that responsibility to a professional graphic designer I work with once funds become available.

Alberta's Palace Beach Resort

ALBERTA'S PALACE BEACH RESORT is the first site I've designed from scratch using Wordpress and Elementor. The site is cool now but will be alot better once I receive more media from the resort. By the way, Alberta's currently has a half-price spcieal where the cost of rooms are cut in half on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, making them basically just as inexpensive as an average guesthouse / hotel, but unlike them Alberta's is situate on Ghana's beautiful beachfront.

Be The Change Foundation

BE THE CHANGE FOUNDATION's website was actually designed by another company, but I've been mastering it since January. I like working on it because it's for a good cause. The Foundation is currently looking for international volunteers from places like the United States and Europe, so if anybody fits this description and is interested please get in contact with them ASAP.

AUTHENTIC GHANA TOURS is a site I inherited just like the aforementioned project. I'm reluctant to just jump in and start modifying things because sometimes one small edit can result in a catastrophe, especially when not being the original designer and as such not fully cognizant of how certain things were done. Due to the high amount of text on some pages this site probably would have been better off being designed using a standard-HTML template rather than WordPress. Authentic Ghana Tours is run by the same young man, John Kweku Eduafo, who founded Be The Change Foundation, and I strongly recommend anyone visiting Ghana consider him as a tour guide, especially if they plan on coming to the Central Region.