Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Introducing GHfind!

I began this project over a year ago as Krobofind.com.  The express purpose of Krobofind was to promote business in Kroboland.  Kroboland is a part of Ghana in the Eastern Region named after the indigenous people of the area (the Krobos), and I've resided here for the last 5+ years.  The idea of Krobofind dawned on me as I realized that all because I may be broke on a particular day that doesn't mean that everyone in the vicinity was down on cash, and if I could expedite the flow of money throughout the 'hood then there'd be happier days ahead for everyone!

Krobofind didn't work out for a number of reasons, primary amongst them being that my strategy was off from the onset.  I had hired a couple of dudes who, including myself, would actually go out and manually collect information from local merchants, including pictures and prices of individual items for sale, and enter them into a searchable online database that was featured on our site.  This method proved to be insufficient, and some time ago it dawned on me that like Ghanaweb, Tonaton and other similar sites it would be more ideal if users could submit their own information.  Moreover a couple of people close to the project advised me that perhaps the residents of Kroboland don't use the internet regularly enough (in an e-commerce capacity) to make Krobofind successful, and as such I should expand to the rest of Ghana.  Well today I'm glad to announce that, through the use of Osclass, I have designed a site (GHfind.com) similar to Ghanaweb's classifieds' section, which is imperative because although it hasn't been functioning well lately Ghanaweb is still widely viewed, internationally.  Although GHfind is still under development as of now it's by and large functional and ready-to-use.

Osclass is a "free classifieds script" available via Cpanel.  Cpanel is the (free) administrative tool a webmaster is usually granted and indeed must become familiar with upon purchasing a web hosting package.  Although the script is no-cost it's very difficult to manipulate, but the Osclass Team offer a lot of cool themes and plugins that you can purchase and download to make the site more attractive while remodifying it to your personal preferences.   Indeed Cpanel is filled with features that I have no idea what they do, and Osclass was just one of such I stumbled upon while doing research on how to create a classifieds' site.  In other words look for big things from GHfind in the future as we invest more into research & development and innovate a platform that ideologically will edify the entire economy of Ghana.

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