Thursday, 16 November 2017

Tips for Using GHfind Classifieds: Internal Search Optimization

As I stated before the backbone of GHfind Classifieds is a software called Osclass, and as I'm developing the site I'm getting more familiar with exactly how Osclass works, and as such this is the first in a series of articles where I will be giving users insights into how to maximize their experience.

First let me say that in terms of capabilities Osclass' internal search definitely isn't advanced as say Google.  However if you're familiar with its usage it's still a useful tool.  For instance although Osclass offers a robust "Listing Location" feature (that I am currently inputting with every district capital in Ghana) if someone searches for you by location the results won't show.  In other words if you put your location as "Ghana - Eastern Region - Somanya" and someone enters "Somanya" in the search engine on the homepage, you will not be part of the results.  In order to rectify this when noting your location it is recommended that users also input it in the ad description, since this section (and the title excluding the automated location) seems to be primarily where the internal search is pointed.

Of course if you still want to comb through the entire site (including the location listings) to search for particular terms you can always resort to Google.  If you don't know all you have to do is in the search bar enter "", space and then whatever it is you're looking for.  Google's spiders don't pick things on the site as quickly as Osclass' internal search does, but this will give advertisers on GHC the added advantage of having their information, including location, available on Google for the entire world to see, which I anticipate will be mostly advantageous to people in remote areas that are not featured too much on the internet.

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