Thursday, 22 February 2018

Introducing... GHfind Billboard
I've taken the GHfind Classifieds site down for a number of reasons.  First off visitation was sparse, and even most of those were bots.  Secondly the free classifieds' apps that are available on Cpanel, such as Osclass, require a degree of maintenance that I currently don't have time to dedicate to.  Third is since the collapse of the classifieds' section of Ghanaweb other sites have emerged, such as Tonaton and Ghanabuysell (which has a cool mobile interface), that are proficiently enabling Ghanaians to post advertisements online.

However I felt that GHfind should still have a page dedicated to people who want to advertise outright, since visitors won't know what businesses are currently listed in the Phonebook unless they search first.  So I decided to start the GHfind Billboard ( for this specific purpose.


Upon visitation you may notice that the Billboard is unlike most ad sites you see nowadays:

1 - The page is not run by bots and scripts but actual HTML.  In other words the site is designed by hand; it's not the type where users enter information and automatically see a generic ad appear.  The main advantage of this is that each advertisement can be unique based on the client's specifications.  For instance they can include video (or any type of media), and text can be formatted, including hyperlinks.  My estimation is that in the age of automation a site like this that is handcrafted will have a certain appeal, just like a person will pay more for a piece of pottery made by hand than one produced in a factory.

2 - All ads will make the front page.  Ads will appear on the main page for one week, and then after they will be archived in categorized links.  In other words when you visit the page you may see a wide variety of advertisements from all categories of products and services because the world is a big place, and you never know whose looking, so theoretically all visitors to GHfind Billboard will see all (current) ads, greatly increasing exposure for our clients.


Due to the fact that every ad will be hand-designed and prominently displayed to potentially millions of people this will not be a free service.  However the pricing structure will be very affordable as the goal is to get as many people as possible, especially Ghanaians, to patronize.

1 - Text-Only Advertisement (GH₵1.00).  These are ads that consists only of words, and again the text can be formatted.  Since all of the ads will be edited (unless the client requests text posted verbatim) you won't be seeing any bad English on the site, which is an added advantage to clients who may not be overly-proficient in the language.

2 - Advertisement w/ 1 Pic (GH₵1.50).  This is a text ad including one picture.  Pictures can also be hyperlinked.

3 - Advertisement  w/ 2-4 Pics (GH₵2.00+).  This is a text ad including 2-4 pictures.  If the pics are 4 in number they'll likely be put into a 2x2 table, although if compatible they can also be merged into a single animated gif.  Pictures can also be watermarked with the logo of your business, if you have such in the form of a transparent gif or png file.

4 - Advertistment w/ Video (GH₵3.00+).  Smaller vidoes can be embedded right into the GHfind website, but larger ones will have to be uploaded to YouTube and may accrue an additional charge.

For now I want to avoid doing any Flash advertisements since it seems most mobile browsers aren't equipped to display such content.


If you decide to post an ad on GHfind Billboard there are a number of ways you can submit your infromation, including pics:



Personally I like the look of the Billboard, especially the mobile version, and I'm hoping that many people will patronize and visit the site for years to come.

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