Friday, 30 March 2018

Education Colleges Added to GHfind Database

I've recently entered contact information on all 41 colleges of education located in Ghana as listed by Wikipedia.  The breakdown for the number of these institutions per region is as follows:

Accra - 2

Ashanti - 8

Brong Ahafo - 5

Central - 3

Eastern - 5
Northern - 4

Volta - 7

Upper East - 2

Upper West - 2

Western - 3

I commend those who have functioning websites complete with accurate contact information, and as for those who didn't I had to resort to third-party sites like T-Tel (and of course Facebook), and in some cases even that wasn't sufficient.

Currently I'm entering the information of all accredited higher-educational institutions in Ghana offering degree programs via the National Accreditation Board website.  These institutions seem more committed to having active websites, so hopefully compiling data for them should prove to be a more expeditious venture than for the colleges of education.

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