Sunday, 10 June 2018

Changes to GHfind Website /

Changes were recently made to the domain where now instead of pointing to a conventional, multi-page website it brings you directly to the this blog which before was only a minor component of the site.  The primary reason for such a drastic change was that in general visitation to the site had dropped dramatically in the last two months, and in response I concluded that basing it instead on CMS (widgets), which  it seems most sites are using these days, as opposed to a more-traditional HTML template would make it more-modern and attractive.  Moreover concentrating the information of the entire website into just this blog eliminates the burden of having to perpetually maintain multiple pages.

However now that serves as a third-party domain pointed directly at a Google blog there have been drawbacks.  For instance I can no longer upload pages I design myself to this domain.  Also it seems I can no longer use email addresses under it.

Besides this blog the only other component of the old site I couldn't bear parting ways with was the GHfind Phonebook - an online searchable databases of Ghanaian businesses - since the Phonebook is truly the heart and soul of this entire project.  So since it could no longer be hosted under I decided to rename that entire part and give it its own domain.  Therefore the GHfind Phonebook is now called "GHfone" and will henceforth serve as a subsidiary, as opposed to a direct part, of GHfind.  Moreover the new URL for the Phonebook, as you can probably guess, is

Also the official email address for GHfind has now been changed to, at least until hopefully a way is discovered to have a full-functioning email address under this domain while simultaneously having its DNS entries pointed at Blogger.

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